Car accidents happen frequently in Florida with so many drivers on the road. Accidents happen because of elderly drivers, tourist drivers, and local drivers who disobey the rules. 

Even though Florida has a no-fault car insurance policy, many car accident claims still get filed. If a car accident claim gets filed, it’s usually because the damage from the accident was significant and the victim deserves a large settlement. 

Pensacola Accident Ends in Tragedy

One family in Pensacola paid the ultimate penalty when they lost their father in a fatal car accident last spring. A couple had come to Florida for an anniversary vacation and they rented a car while visiting. 

Because the couple was in vacation mode, they weren’t taking themselves seriously. They were going to the bars every night, driving under the influence, and distracted at the same time. The husband didn’t notice the red light or the other driver passing through the intersection.

Their anniversary vacation quickly took a turn for the worst when the husband hit the driver in the intersection and killed the man on impact. This man was a husband with three children.

Taking Legal Action for the Death

The family of the man knew they deserved a settlement after the pain they had to endure. Although they would never get their father back, the money from a lawsuit might help replace some of the income they lost. They hired a Pensacola car accident lawyer to fight for them.

Wrongful death cases are difficult because they don’t ever feel like enough. The family wanted to punish the drunk driver for what he had done and yet, they knew he probably felt guilty. They wanted money for what had happened and yet, money wouldn’t turn back time. 

Eventually, they settled the case and received compensation for funeral expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. Although the wrongful death case brought some closure to the family after the tragedy, it took years for them to heal and find a new sense of normal. 

There would always be a hole in their hearts where their father once was. Alternatively, the man who caused the accident would never live the same life he once did. He suffered from depression after what he had done and could never recover from the guilt. Unfortunately, wrongful death hurts everyone involved. There’s no winner when an accident results in a tragic death.