My name is Jenny Robinson, and I still remember the day I lost my soul mate. Jack and I were together for over a decade before that tragic day. After one awkward meeting in college, we slowly built a relationship that I’d thought would last forever. Our love of bad movies, video games, and memes was something that just felt right.

We both weren’t too flashy and were hermits in a way. It’s funny how anti-social we were toward other people, but whenever we’d get around each other, we couldn’t shut up. Yeah, life was bliss for awhile. Even after college, we never split up, and for better or worse, our relationship was always the same.

I could always count on him being there for me and never changing how he felt about me regardless of our social and financial status. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t make our relationship seem too much like a Disney romance, but it was damn close. But like most good things in life, it eventually met its end because of a horrible drunk driver. 

One night we were returning from seeing one of those horrible car movies where the main character can’t stop talking about his family for some reason. Of course, Jack wanted to see it ironically, and I tagged along for the fun of it. I honestly can’t recall a single line from the movie, but I do remember laughing as usual with Jack.

The night was going well until a group of twenty-somethings smashed into the back of us. Our car went straight into an oak tree, and I was out cold. When paramedics arrived on the scene and resuscitated me, I felt a sinking feeling in my heart. Although I was in no condition to confirm this, I just knew something was wrong with Jack.

I don’t want to go into how he died, but as you can imagine, I was a ball of emotions. I don’t think I was able to speak to anyone for a week straight. It wasn’t until my father, who recommended a Rockford car accident lawyer, told me to talk with them about his wrongful death that I started to feel a sense of hope again. 

All I wanted was justice for Jack. I didn’t want the monsters who took him away from me to roam around and hurt other people. I later found out that not only were they drunk driving at the time, but they were also racing each other! I lost my Jack because of a couple of thrill-seekers and…well, there’s no point in me going into further detail.

I’ll just say that my case was successful, and the people responsible are rotting in jail where they belong. Although this can’t bring Jack back, at least I feel closure… I guess.